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Media Release on Financial Year 2013

miércoles, 26 de febrero 2014

2013 Annual Result

  • Net income up sharply by 59 percent to CHF 1.60 billion
  • Operating profit up by a third to CHF 2.36 billion
  • Net sales down 6.8 percent – slight increase on like-for-like basis
  • Net financial debt down CHF 864 million to CHF 9.46 billion
  • Payout of CHF 1.30 per registered share

Media release on third quarter results 2013

martes, 05 de noviembre 2013

  • Increase in net income and cash flow from operating activities despite disappointing net sales development, most especially in India and Mexico
  • Progress in reducing fixed and variable costs strengthens the Group
  • Rise in operating EBITDA and operating profit on a like-for-like basis in spite of weak demand in key markets such as India and Mexico
  • “Holcim Leadership Journey” is on track and leads to higher ROIC
  • Further reduction of net financial debt
  • Organic growth in operating EBITDA and operating profit should be achieved in 2013

Holcim further optimizes strategic portfolio in Europe

miércoles, 28 de agosto 2013

  • Expected sustainable additional operating EBITDA and synergies of at least EUR 20 million from interlinked transactions with Cemex
  • Holcim to acquire operations from Cemex in Western Germany to strengthen its presence in the country and to connect its current operations in Northern Germany with France Benelux
  • Holcim to divest Holcim Česko to Cemex
  • Holcim and Cemex to combine all their operations in Spain with Holcim taking a 25 percent shareholding, thereby adding value to its business and benefiting from synergies
  • Holcim to pay Cemex EUR 70 million in cash as part of the interlinked transactions

Media release on half-year results 2013

jueves, 15 de agosto 2013

  • Rise in Group net income and cash flow from operating activities
  • Increased operating EBITDA in Latin America and Europe, where impacts of restructuring become visible
  • Like-for-like Group-wide growth impacted by lower sales volumes in India
  • Lower costs, improved prices and systematic restructuring generate higher ROIC before taxes
  • Net financial debt decreased by CHF 1.2 billion over 12 months
  • Holcim Leadership Journey on track
  • Organic growth in operating EBITDA and operating profit confirmed in outlook for 2013

Décima fecha de la copa de futbol RCN-Holcim (copy 1)

miércoles, 14 de agosto 2013

Sábado 17 de agosto

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